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Technical Consulting Services

EDEN TCS (Technical Consulting Service) provides new guidelines to build IT infrastructure for solving the existing technical problems on customers by the most skilled and experienced experts.
Technical Consulting Service
  • Consulting service on all areas relating to IT computing environments, ranging from systems to networks, virtualization, related solutions and migration.
  • Our experts in each area provide responsible and professional consulting services.
EDEN T&S Consulting Service / Technical Consulting Area

System Consulting

Server System Consulting / Storage System Consulting / Backup System Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Strategy Consulting / Cloud Implementation Consulting / Cloud Management and Operation Consulting

Network Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting / Software Defined Network Consulting / IPv6 Consulting

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Data Center configuration / UPS/ Constant temperature and humidity

Virtualization Consulting

Server Virtualization Consulting / Desktop Virtualization Consulting / Virtualization implementation Strategy Consulting / Virtualization Infrastructure Consulting

Migration Consulting

System migration / Data migration / Migration backup

Solution Consulting

End-user Computing Consulting / Unix to Linux Consulting