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IT Outsourcing Services

EDEN ITO(IT Outsourcing) provides data center operations and monitoring, troubleshooting and change management services according to its own IT service management process, and regularly conducts improvement activities for optimizing availability and capacity optimization, improving the effects of infrastructure outsourcing.
IT Outsourcing Service
  • EDEN T&S provides outsourcing services for end-to-end, remote field support and mixture management, server, storage and backup systems, network security systems and OA systems.

ITO Business Area

DC Operation
  • Integrated Maintenance
  • Availability and Capacity Management
  • Change and Incident Management
Server System
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Linux
Storage & Backup
  • Storage Management
  • Backup System
Network & Security
  • Switch
  • Firewall


Service Management
  • Service Monitoring
  • Service Optimization
  • Service Quality Control
  • Service Availability Management
  • SLA Management
  • Partner Management
  • Contract Management
  • License Management
  • Engineer Support
  • Parts Support