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EDEN T&S offers IT infrastructure systems based on the latest technology at optimized cost structure. In particular, we are HPE's Platinum Partner, a title given only to the top 5% of HPE partners, and we can supply optimal technology architecture and systems to customers who consider implementation of a next-generation system, cloud system and big data environment.
The Strengths of EDEN T&S
The ability to design IT infrastructure architecture that customers need
The ability to supply systems most suitable to customers in time
Pricing power to ensure optimal efficiency of customer investments
  • Servers
  • - Blade System
  • - Hyper scale System
  • - Mission-critical Server
  • - Rack and tower
  • - Server Infrastructure Management
  • - Rack and Power Infrastructure
  • Storages
  • - HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage
  • - HPE StoreAll Storage
  • - HPE StoreVirtual Storage
  • - HPE StoreOnce Backup
  • Network
  • - Data Center Switches and Routers
  • - Switches and Routers for Small Businesses
  • - Wireless LAN Building Devices and Systems
  • - Network Management System
  • - UCC System